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This is a page in homage to the development environment that makes me most productive, Borland C++Builder.


EmacsEdit v1.3: A ZIP file containing a C++Builder v3/4/5 "expert" for interfacing with Go to NTEmacs page It includes the expert, an installation utility and all the source code. It is updated to work with NTEmacs version 20.xx (as well as 19.3xxx) and it now checks for a modified buffer (either in the editor or a form) and asks if you want to lose your BCB changes before overwriting them with the saved from Emacs changes. See the readme.txt int the zip for more info. All it does for now is to get rid of the annoying "Do you want to reload this file" dialog from the BCB IDE when Emacs changes a file that is already loaded in the IDE. But email with suggestions for some other things it ought to do.
Updated: June 11, 1999

Some EmacsEdit support files
Some DLLs you will need (only if you don't have C++Builder v4): EESPRT.ZIP (952kb!). Just unzip this into the installation directory.
See the NTEmacs Faq for more info on where to get the GNUSERV program, used to communicate from NTEmacs to Win32.

TWAIN Sample

Here is a simple TWAIN source file for inclusion into a BCB project. It's pretty portable, straight C code, so it should work in any project, at any level. It merely returns with a DIB handle. (15Kb)

QuickTime Sample

I've put together a little package to show how to use the QuickTime SDK from Apple with C++Builder. It was created with BCB4, but should be easily portable to either newer or older versions. (380Kb)

Simple debug string viewer

Here's a little program to view OutputDebugStr output, which normally goes to the Event log. This only works on WinNT family computers (including Win2000 and WinXP).

Borland C++Builder Links

I'm slowly going thru all my bookmarks for C++Builder and adding some comments. Of course, the Internet being what it is, this means that I no sooner check something before it disappears for good. Ah well... The links below will pop up in another window, so you can try and explore them all without losing your place. Please let me know if you find a busted link or a new link that I should check out.

Main Borland Support Pages

These are the main Borland web sites for C++Builder. Please be sure to check out the FAQ before asking any questions!

Inprise's Borland C++Builder main page
Inprise's Borland C++ Developer Support Page
The wonderfully helpful C++Builder newsgroups
MER Systems newsgroup search Borland Community Borland's growing web community. You can find the C++ Community here.
BDE Developer support pages


Commercial, shareware and freeware components, libraries and tools. The difference between commercial and shareware is pretty fine, except that usually commercial components only have demos, either applications or they just allow you to use them while in the IDE.


Some useful sites to get help on C++Builder. Includes tutorials, FAQs, utilities, and examples. >

More links

These as yet unsorted and unspecified. Have fun out there!
Simple Software Solutions
MindBlast software

Old or dead pages

If you know where these might have moved, let me know and I'll update my page.

Terabyte Software
OOPSoft, Inc. Home Page
Borland C++ Builder programmers' tricks by Pierre Moillen
Beach Dog Software
Many Roads to C++ Builder
Kenneth Camargo's page

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