Rhiannon Elizabeth Arnold

Born: July 12, 1999 @ 9:58am EDT

Weight: 7 pounds, 13 ounces -- Length: 20 inches

Here's how a native Welsh speaker (thanks Dafydd Price Jones!) pronounces the name: [rhi,an'-on]

But we just Amercanize it to "Ree Ann Non"! Still beautiful both ways, don't you think?

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Last Updated: on Saturday, August 6 2005

Rhiannon's first week : A few pictures from the hospital and her first week home
Rhiannon's portrait session : We did a portrait session here at home, at almost 5 weeks old.
Rhiannon @ 8 weeks : collection of pictures at 8 weeks old - growing big already!
Rhiannon @ 3 months : Phew, time sure flies! 3 months old already...
Rhiannon is 13 months old! : Rhiannon when her sister, Adrienne, came home
Rhiannon's Spring 2001 : Some early springtime pictures in 2001
Rhiannon's first tea party : A tea party she went to with Mommy and a friend
Rhiannon's 2002 summer vacation: A week spent on Lake Champlain
2001 CRA office Christmas party : Some recently unearthed photos from her first office party
6th Birthday Party : from her 6th birthday part, on July 16, 2005

teaparty.jpg : a 1024x768 wallpaper of the teapary pictures (66kb)

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Mom: Gabrielle Accardi <[email protected]>
Dad: Jonathan Arnold <[email protected]>

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